Saturday, November 29, 2008

Make Me Pretty Barbie and the First Black Santa

My mom, my cousin and I used to go to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza for X-mas shopping. We got tired of the swap meet. There was more to life than tube socks and toys that broke after an hour. Don't get me wrong I loved the swap meet, but we needed a break sometimes.

Anyway, every X-mas we saw the Black Santa Claus and my cousin took a picture with him one year. We thought it was so cool. There was no Mexican or Salvadorian Santa at the swap meet hahha, so thats where we went. I didn't believe in Santa because I thought then, "We don't have a chimeney, how is he going to get into the apartment?" my mom tried to make me buy into it by writing a letter to him but no dice. I did it to flatter her. I wasn't getting what I wanted anyway, she did most of her shopping at the swap meet when I was little. I remembered one year I wished so much for the Barbie head that you can style her hair and put makeup on her. Ok, I got the swapmeet version that was 10 times smaller and her head fell off as I combed her hair! ahhh..hahahha.


I googled as I always do and got some dumb images, but saw this awesome Esquire magazine Cover.
Wold Heavyweight Champion

Dec. 1963
Sonny Liston: "The First Black Santa" Article

The article stated that when the released the cover some "advertisers took their money and ran and angry letters flowed in".
Wow, what a time and to think that this was not to long ago. It might seem like a long time to some, but it's recent history not ancient.

These are other great covers by George Lois

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Pearmama said...

Black Santa...heehee too funny. I had one of those giant Barbie was the bomb. At the end of her days she had sharpie eyebrows, chopped up hair, purple lips. Basically I just let my creativity take over. It was totally worth it.

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